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The new reuse system for food items.

Reuse has been established in the beverage industry for decades -
it's time to take the next step.

Let's put an end to single-use food packaging

We encounter disposable plastic packaging every day in the supermarket. But only 6% of the plastic waste collected is actually recycled and used for new packaging.

For beverages there already is a well-functioning solution: Reusable bottles are cleaned and refilled after being returned through the deposit machine.

So why not transfer this system to food as well?

cu again and again

Instead of single-use packaging, food manufacturers fill their products into our standardized CU reusable containers. As with reusable bottles, a small deposit is paid at the checkout. The empty containers are then returned in normal deposit machines in the supermarket, where the deposit is refunded. The containers are then cleaned and refilled. With each cycle we save valuable ressources.

With Reuse-as-a-Service, we enable food manufacturers to easily transition towards sustainable packaging
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Full service

Little changes in your ongoing process: We deliver sustainable reusable packaging on order, including return logistics and cleaning services.

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Reliable system

Our partners in cleaning and quality control are longtime experts in the reuse industry and clean the containers to the highest quality standards.

Appealing design

The label gives you space for an individual design, positioning your brand as a pioneer of sustainability with attractive reusable packaging.

“The approach is convincing precisely because it is open. A purposeful reuse solution for the food industry must involve as many system participants as possible. This is the only way to create true impact.”

Karsten Tappe

Director Corporate Responsibility

HARIBO Holding GmbH & Co. KG



CU is perfectly integrated into existing processes and structures in order to minimize additional effort. Especially for consumers, reusable containers are nothing new and have become an integral part of everyday life thanks to beverage bottles. The CU containers are returned through the same deposit machines.



The greatest possible sustainable impact is our top priority. The light weight of the plastic containers saves emissions in logistics compared to glass and the pool system enables short transport routes. After being refilled multiple times, the containers are 100% recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

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Our pooling-software based system ensures that there are enough clean containers in the right place at the right time. On a larger scale, digital tracking will not only allow us to record circulations accurately, but also enable highly optimized logistical processes. 

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Our first test phase started in four stores in the Freiburg area in October. This success sets the ground for our larger pilot in 2023.


Discover the potential of a centrally managed reuse system for your company. As a pilot partner you become a pioneer, adapting your company to regulatory frameworks at an early stage. We know: The start is never easy. With us, you have an experienced team at your side to support you in the transition towards more sustainable packaging.

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